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Could perking up gut bacteria promote health aging?

Marisa Stebegg, ENLIGHT-TEN student at the Babraham institute explains her work in Medical News Today (MNT). MNT is targeted to an educated audience of both healthcare professionals and consumers and has more than 90 million monthly visits. Marisa is first author of a study investigating the effect of transplanting fecal samples from young to aged mice that was published in nature communications with fellow ENLIGHTEN student Alyssa Cayetano as a co-author and PI Michelle Linterman as senior author.

Celebrations of the Day of Immunology at the iMM (Instituto de Medicina Molecular)
in Portugal.

As part of the Day of Immunology 2019 a nice introduction to the immune system in German Language was published by the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. In this feature ENLIGHT-TEN coordinator Jochen Hühn explains the function of regulatory T cells and ENLIGHT-TEN co-supervisor Meyer-Hermann explains the work of his group on recycling of CTLA4 - an immune checkpoint inhibitor.

Our ESR Thomas Faux explains the basics of ChIP sequencing, a biochemical/bioinformatic technique to understand interactions between proteins and DNA on an epigenetic level.

Follicular Helper T cells have a very particular role in the immune response. Saumya Kumar explains how.