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Adaptive Immunity Laboratory, Immunogenetics Research Cluster
Dept of Microbiology, Immunology and Transplantation
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The Schlenner lab is interested in understanding regulatory T cell (Treg) stability, fundamentally to understand how it is maintained and how it can be manipulated, but also translationally to investigate how manipulation of Treg stability can potentially be safely used to improve anti-tumor immunity. A second focus of lab is the development of Treg-targeting biomolecules for clinical application in (auto-)inflammatory diseases. Lastly, our future research will include the study of the RNA modification pseudouridine in immune cells to unravel its role in immunity and tolerance.

This work involves proteomic analysis (high-parameter flow cytometry, NGS-based multi-omics, mass spectrometry), transcriptomics (bulk and single cell), functional analysis (in vitro, single cell, multiplexed), in vivo applications in mice (lentiviral HSC transduction and transplantation, transgenic mice, xenografts, disease models) amongst other.