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Integrated T cell immunobiology-team
INFINITY (Toulouse Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases)
INSERM UMR1291 – CNRS UMR5051 - University Toulouse III
CHU Purpan – BP 3028
31024 Toulouse CEDEX 3

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Research Interests:

Our long-term research interest is to characterize genetic, cellular, and molecular mechanisms that regulate the development and function of regulatory T lymphocytes (“Treg”). We aim to provide important insight into the regulation of T cell-mediated immunity relevant to chronic inflammation, autoimmune pathologies, cancer, and transplantation. We presently address the following research topics:

  • The consequences of recirculation of peripheral Treg back to the thymus
  • The roles of cytokines in the development of Treg
  • Genetic control of the phenotype of Treg newly developing in the thymus
  • Potential aberrations of Treg development in mice and patients affected with autoimmune pathologies

The experimental strategies to address our research interests include flow-cytometry, next generation sequencing, in vivo disease models, and mutant mice.