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Toulouse Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases (Infinity)
Inserm UMR1291

CHU Purpan
31024 Toulouse

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Research Interests:

Our research interest lays on characterizing the post-transcriptional regulatory networks that shape gene expression during development and function of lymphocytes. In particular, we look at protein:RNA interactions as determinants for RNA molecule synthesis, stability and translation as well as modulators of protein function in the context of disease. The main axes of our research are:

  • Post-transcriptional control of lymphocyte development and homeostasis
  • Implication of RNA binding proteins in physiological stress responses and lymphocyte diversification
  • Signaling and post-transcriptional mechanisms in lymphocyte activation

We combine the use of cell and animal models in research with multiple methodologies to assess the transcriptome, translatome and protein:RNA interactome, as well as more standardized methodologies such as multi-color flow-cytometry, gene transduction, biochemical and molecular approaches.