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Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases

INSERM UMR1291 – CNRS UMR5051 – University of Toulouse III

CHU Purpan – BP 3028
31024 Toulouse cedex3

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The humoral immune response is based on the Germinal Centers (GC) reaction, a process in which B cells are activated, amplified, and refined in specificity and isotype, leading to the generation of memory B cells and long-lived plasma cells. In order for B cell immunity to be effective, there must be a dynamic equilibrium between signals provided by positive and negative regulators. In GC, follicular helper T cells are supposed to be the positive regulators, while T regulatory cells (Tregs) are considered to be a population dedicated to dampen the GC extent and prevent autoimmunity. We are convinced that Tregs do not act as a passive inhibitor, but integrate the environmental cues and achieve an adapted program to regulate the corresponding type of immune response within the GC.

Our research focuses on how Tregs regulate B cell responses in the physiological and pathological contexts. The fundamental understanding of the Treg function is of great interest, as it can provide new therapies to improve vaccine responses and prevent the progression of autoimmune diseases.