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Technical University of Munich

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Research Interests:

We conduct research on the fundamental principles that govern the regulation of human memory T cell responses in health and disease. Through a better understanding of the molecular switches that shape T cell identities, tissue tropism and longevity as well as the T cell dialogue with the tissue microenvironment, we work towards strategies that will provide new diagnostic and therapeutic options for cancer, autoimmunity and chronic infections. Current research topics include:

  • Dissecting the heterogeneity and regulation of human T cells on the single-cell level in health and disease
  • Regulation of human T cell tissue residency versus recirculation dynamics
  • Control of human T cell identities and functions by the microenvironment

The experimental strategies to address our research interests include multi-color flow-cytometry, single-cell RNAseq and bioinformatics, imagestream, in vitro T cell function assays, biochemical, metabolic and molecular approaches as well as clinical trials.