Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine (IIGM)
Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC)
Via Nizza, 52,
10126 Torino, Italy

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Research Interests:

The Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Immune Regulation laboratory addresses fundamental aspects of the immune responses, related to memory T cell differentiation and long-term protective immunity. The research's goal is to use this knowledge to develop novel strategies for the prevention and treatment of pathological diseases, in the new and promising field of immunotherapy and vaccine development.

The main research interests are:

  • To understand how T lymphocytes integrate complex environmental stimuli and translate these signals into specific epigenetic and differentiation programs;
  • To unravel the mechanisms underling the specify T cell fate commitment and functional differentiation.

We combine a variety of approaches, including relevant immunological models of infectious diseases and cancer, translational models, advanced imaging, genetic and genomic techniques, including high throughput cell-based assays, next generation sequencing of RNA and epigenetics marks.