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Laboratory of Pediatrics, division Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Room EE1567A P.O. Box 2040
3000 CA Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Our research is focused on identifying immune regulatory processes that are pivotal to intestinal homeostasis. By developing multiple murine models, we have identified that functional mucosal regulatory T-cells differentiate in mucosa draining lymphoid tissue in the presence of specific mucosal factors. We have established a humanized mouse model of gluten tolerance and discovered that tolerance to gluten is mediated by IL-10 secreting regulatory T-cells, a finding opening new avenues of research for celiac disease. In our translational inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) work we focus on dissecting inflammatory pathways that classify IBD patients in subgroups and yield parameters to characterize their disease subtype. Through analysis of infants with genetic deficiencies we are uncovering pathways that are pivotal for intestinal tolerance and are identifying patterns of inflammation that evolve from a particular defect.