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Molecular Immune Regulation lab
Department of Biomedicine
Basel University Hospital and University of Basel

Hebelstrasse 20
CH-4031 Basel

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Research Interests:

Work in our lab aims for a better understanding of molecular mechanisms operational in T cells to maintain immune regulation. We are particularly interested in CD4+ T cells with a special focus on follicular helper T cells (TFH) and regulatory T cells (Treg). We have previously shown that microRNAs are important regulators of genetic networks in T cells. Current work aims to investigate in further detail how microRNAs contribute to T cell function and immune regulation.

We specifically address the following research topics:

  • microRNAs as potential pharmacologic targets for immune modulation
  • T cell intrinsic genetic networks controlled by microRNAs
  • Gene repair and enhancement of T cell function through genome engineering

We employ multi-color flow-cytometry, mouse in vivo genetics, high-throughput screening, -omics approaches and genome engineering in our routine work. Our longterm goals are to translate basic research findings to novel clinical concepts.