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Department Experimental Immunology,
Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

Inhoffenstr. 7
38124 Braunschweig

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Research Interests:

Our long-term research interest is to identify cellular players and molecular factors controlling CD4+ helper T cell differentiation and function with the final aim to discover novel biomarkers and molecular targets in order to develop therapeutic approaches for the selective modulation of helper T cell responses. Key expertise lies in multi-color flow cytometry, transcriptomic and epigenetic profiling (RNA seq, scRNA seq, Bi seq, ATAC seq), tailored epigenetic modulation of immune cells, as well as murine infection models. Amongst others, we are presently addressing the following research topics:

  • Epigenetic fixation of Foxp3 expression in regulatory T cells
  • Epigenetic signatures of helper T cell subsets
  • Dynamics of regulatory and effector T cells during viral and bacterial infections
  • Role of microbiota for the imprinting of tolerogenic properties in stromal cells of gut-draining lymph nodes