The EFIS-IL study group T CELL CONNECT EUROPE (TCC_EUROPE) was established in 2018, and since then is constantly growing. To foster and intensify collaborations across Europe, TCC_EUROPE is open to include new members in the study group, in particular junior PIs working in the field of T cell biology are encouraged to participate in TCC_EUROPE activities. The overarching research interest of TCC_EUROPE is to study fundamental aspects of T cell-mediated immunity in health & disease as well as to provide new concepts of T cell-based immunotherapies. TCC_EUROPE will connect basic and clinical researchers in the field of T cell biology to foster the development of interdisciplinary and collaborative translational approaches.

Research area

Understanding and altering T cell differentiation, homeostasis and memory formation is key for therapeutic intervention in a wide range of immune-mediated pathologies, including chronic inflammation, autoimmunity, allergy, and transplant rejection, for combating (emerging) infectious diseases and cancers as well as for restoring/maintaining immune function in the aging immune system. A better understanding of the cellular and molecular control of T cell development and function is essential for the development of novel diagnostic tools and vaccination strategies, as well as for improved and novel approaches in T cell-based therapies. In addition, the impressive recent developments of –omics, imaging as well as genetic manipulation technologies is revolutionizing the way of how T cell function in health & disease can be analyzed. At the same time, it is clear that an integrated use of this wide range of techniques cannot be handled by a single laboratory, but rather requires transnational and interdisciplinary collaborative approaches. The aim of TCC_EUROPE is to connect basic and clinical researchers in the field of T cell biology to foster the development of translational collaborations.

Anticipated outcome

It is expected that the interactions of European T cell immunologists, clinical researchers as well as the inclusion of junior PIs together with the important topics addressed by TCC_EUROPE members will open new opportunities for collaborations, including submissions of research proposals within the new EU framework program Horizon Europe.